Six String Quartets

Opus 20
by Joseph Haydn
March 17, 2018


Come hear why Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms looked to Haydn’s deeply expressive, sophisticated and witty masterpieces for inspiration when the Haymarket String Quartet presents the complete cycle of six quartets on period instruments for the first time in Chicago. 

Haydn’s six string quartets Opus 20 were pivotal in the history and development of the string quartet. In these thrilling masterpieces, the 40-year-old Haydn shook up the status quo first violin-dominant texture by spreading melodic and contrapuntal interest among the four instruments. This ground-breaking egalitarian style set a new standard in the string quartet genre.


Haymarket String Quartet
Elizabeth Blumenstock, violin
Jeri-Lou Zike, violin
Dave Moss, viola
Craig Trompeter, cello


Part II - Quartets 3, 4, 1
Saturday, March 17 at 7:30pm
Saint Luke's Episcopal Church

939 Hinman Ave
Evanston, IL 60202

Our Box Office can also be reached by calling (312) 898-7446.